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Job details added by user: Julia Stark


Added by: Julia Stark

Added 2019-05-15 09:46:43
  • effective communication and presentation
  • good telephone manner
  • public engagement


Job Title: Royalties Officer, M62 Corridor


About Us
CLA simplifies copyright for content users and unlocks published content for professional use. Through a range of innovations, we reduce complexity, time and costs for all types of organisations, so they can use the content they want, when they want.

The role
Every year, our Royalties Officers work closely with CLA licensees collecting data across various sectors such as Education, the NHS and Local Authorities. This data forms the basis for the royalty payments we make though the role is not about compliance or enforcement so ROs must be diplomatic and keen to promote licence benefits or services wherever possible.

Based from home this unique and varied position would suit someone who is self-managed and able to multi-task across simultaneous projects, whether alone or as part of a team. Operating to critical timelines and providing regular progress reports you should have demonstrable experience of negotiating and influencing often at a senior level, both face to face and by telephone. With strong interpersonal and decision-making skills, you should also be prepared to undertake work outside the usual RO tasks, such as research or networking. With an increase in digital data capture the successful applicant will have excellent IT knowledge, be familiar with MS Word, Excel, Outlook & Teams, as well as robust administrative ability.

The role involves travel within a specific but wide geographical area, occasional overnight stays and attending our annual conference, so a car is essential. The work can, at times, be quite physical so a reasonable level of fitness is expected. A suitable home office is necessary though a mobile phone and access to a Remote Desk Top system are provided.

Due to the cyclical nature of what we do, royalties data work ebbs and flows so there are times which may be very busy and others which are much quieter – between terms for example. Royalties Officers are employed on a ‘workers’ contract, at a daily rate of £105 plus reasonable expenses and benefits. Further details can be found at

Interested in helping us to support the creative industries? Please send your CV and a covering letter to demonstrating how you meet the criteria mentioned above. Interviews will be held in our London office.



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