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Job details added by user: Positive Help


Added by: Positive Help

Added 2016-06-10 13:26:07


Job Title: Volunteer for the Home Support Service


Your helping hand can make a difference to someone's life!

The Home Support service assists people affected by HIV and/or Hepatitis C in their homes, when their illness or side-effects of medication makes housework too difficult. You will help with cleaning and decluttering, as well as one-off tasks such as gardening, painting, and DIY (dependent on volunteers’ skills). The service is delivered in pairs or groups, so is a really sociable, fun and rewarding role! All equipment will be provided, and any expenses will be covered.

The time committment is variable as it can be weekly, fortnightly, ad-hoc or even one-off.

Why volunteer?
-By volunteering in this role you will be helping someone who is struggling to do everyday tasks due to HIV or Hepatitis C.
-The role is flexible and can be shaped around you depending on your skills and availability.
-You will get regular support and comprehensive training, including First Aid.
-Current volunteers love the social aspect of the role and the opportunity to meet new people.

Person Specification
-Volunteers do not need any previous knowledge of HIV or Hepatitis C, nor do they need specific experience working with children, as full training is provided.
-Reliable and organised.
-Able to keep client confidentiality.
-Be mindful of working in someone’s home.

We are always accepting applications and recruit regularly, so feel free to apply even past this training date!

Please contact us if you would like any more information, or to get an application pack.

Phone: 0131 225 4766
Online Application Form:



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