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Job details added by user: Syscom


Added by: Syscom

Added 2016-03-19 02:24:53

Anywhere in the UK

Job Title: Looking for a UK Resident Director


Hello Dear Fellow Members,

We are looking for a genuine person who is a UK Resident and looking forward to work for an International Business Company , Registered in England an Whales as a Limited Company.

The company deals in Software and Applications sales world wide through an Online Portal. All relative documents and information can be provided once we get in touch.

The Job work is to act as a Resident Director and Secretory for the Company to attend all the Government and Banking related work in UK. Obviously the Owner and Share Holder- Director of the Company will be available in person to finalize all the things.

Lets see if we can move forward together ?

I don't know if we are allowed to submit our contact information here or not, still you can be in touch with us through this email:




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