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Retired 4 Hire – a new website for agencies

Dear #NAME#,

We have just started a free web site for retired people looking for occasional or part time work. We would be delighted if you wanted to use it to find applicants – or to post job vacancies of your own (there’s no cost for this).

Adding your temporary or part time jobs to our site can be done automatically, if you post jobs to a web site or you have a feed. Please email us your requirements and we can set something up.

Here is a short video of Chris talking about our site :


As our site is free for all, we are also looking for sponsors. Please do email us if you are interested. We are hoping you will agree that it’s a good cause 🙂

Many Thanks

Chris, Hagen and Louise



non-profit organisation for retired people – can your library help?


Hope you’re well.

I work for Retired4Hire and we’ve created a not-for-profit website to help retired people stay connected to their community, and earn extra income (see below for full details).

We’ve been featured in Mature Times and have had great feedback from our users so far. Our local libraries have been very supportive, and we’re now looking to reach a wider community of retired people across the UK.

If we sent you a small poster would you be happy to put it on your notice board or in reception? We’d really appreciate the support!

Best wishes,
Louise Croft

A little more about the site:

  • Retired people can create a profile for themselves listing their skills for sale e.g. gardening, photography, or translation. Then anyone can list a task they want doing, such as teaching them piano or helping with their tax return. The aim is to connect the two parties and help retired people earn money and meet local people.
  • It’s free for everyone
  • Local people may also uncover new skills they didn’t have time to develop in earlier life. For example, one of our users was a policeman who always wanted to be a jeweller and has now retrained and earns through our site.
  • An explanatory video;