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Retired 4 Hire – a new website for agencies

Dear #NAME#,

We have just started a free web site for retired people looking for occasional or part time work. We would be delighted if you wanted to use it to find applicants – or to post job vacancies of your own (there’s no cost for this).

Adding your temporary or part time jobs to our site can be done automatically, if you post jobs to a web site or you have a feed. Please email us your requirements and we can set something up.

Here is a short video of Chris talking about our site :


As our site is free for all, we are also looking for sponsors. Please do email us if you are interested. We are hoping you will agree that it’s a good cause 🙂

Many Thanks

Chris, Hagen and Louise



March Retired4Hire Newsletter – Spring Clean Your Life



  Dear #NAME#, welcome to March! Hope your 2015 is going brilliantly so far. Spring Clean season is upon us again and so this is a great chance to tidy up / update your Retired 4 Hire profile as well as your house! Here are some of our top tips on having an effective home clear out:  

1. Breakdown
No – don’t have a breakdown! But it’s often helpful to break the house down into rooms or sections and just tackle one at a time. Don’t think about the next task, and don’t worry about the whole journey. Maybe do one room a night instead of trying to do the whole house in a weekend and burning out/procrastinating.
2. Reward
Set yourself a reward for once you’ve completed your goal. Maybe the satisfaction will be enough – but a chocolate bar or dinner date can’t hurt either to keep you on track!
3. Declutter
Get an empty box/bag and put as many things as you can in it to go to the charity shop (or bin depending on the quality). If you have less clutter there’s less to clean! Try to be ruthless, and maybe even get someone else to help push you. Remember – if you haven’t used it within the past year it’s not worth keeping.
4. Rearrange
Have some fun and move around your furniture! Maybe buy yourself some new storage solutions to help keep clutter/paperwork at bay. It’s amazing how you can make a place feel like new just by a few small changes.
5. Maintain
Once you’re finished just sit back and know you’re in the clear now for another year… just kidding – try to maintain what you’ve done. It’s much easier to throw away a few unwanted items a week, put things back where they belong, and run round with a duster occasionally, than it is to do a big annual clean. Keep motivated all year and you’ll thank yourself next March.


In terms of your R4H profile: we find that if you include an image you’re much more likely to get contacted – so go ahead and put up a nice smiley picture! We’d also recommend checking your skills are up to date – maybe you’ve got a hobby you’ve never considered as being profitable before like gardening, photography, or knitting – add them all and maybe someone will want you to teach them or do a job for them! Don’t ask don’t get….Happy cleaning,

Chris, Hagen and Louise

p.s. We have recently come across a wonderful site called Retirement Reinvented. They aim to make better use of the skills and

experience of over 50s by collecting relevant resources on activities, employment, and articles. It’s a great place for finding information that’s been curated exactly with you in mind!


Happy Valentines from Retired4Hire

Dear #NAME#, 
Happy Valentines from Chris, Hagen and Louise!

We hope you have a great day, and spend it with someone special. We wanted to check in with another monthly update and see how you’re getting on with our site? If there’s anything you need help with or you’d like to suggest to us, just pop an email over to

Perhaps now you’re retied your priorities may have changed, and you’re looking for employment that is flexible, casual, or in addition to your existing work. Retired4Hire is set up exactly with you in mind – so make sure your profile is up to date with all your skills, a little ‘welcome’ note for potential readers, and of course a picture. We find it makes a big difference to your success rate if you include a pic, so don’t be shy! Let’s avoid too many blind dates…


Happy Valentines, Chris, Hagen and Louise

non-profit organisation for retired people – can your library help?


Hope you’re well.

I work for Retired4Hire and we’ve created a not-for-profit website to help retired people stay connected to their community, and earn extra income (see below for full details).

We’ve been featured in Mature Times and have had great feedback from our users so far. Our local libraries have been very supportive, and we’re now looking to reach a wider community of retired people across the UK.

If we sent you a small poster would you be happy to put it on your notice board or in reception? We’d really appreciate the support!

Best wishes,
Louise Croft

A little more about the site:

  • Retired people can create a profile for themselves listing their skills for sale e.g. gardening, photography, or translation. Then anyone can list a task they want doing, such as teaching them piano or helping with their tax return. The aim is to connect the two parties and help retired people earn money and meet local people.
  • It’s free for everyone
  • Local people may also uncover new skills they didn’t have time to develop in earlier life. For example, one of our users was a policeman who always wanted to be a jeweller and has now retrained and earns through our site.
  • An explanatory video;



January Retired4Hire Newsletter

Dear #NAME#, Happy 2015! 

Now that it’s reaching the end of January we thought we’d check in and see how your New Year’s Resolutions were doing? We want this to be your best year yet, and hopefully Retired4Hire will help you get there. We’re certainly excited about all the things we’ve got planned, and want to reach even more people this year to help them achieve their potential. So, if you’re on track with your Resolutions then congrats – keep up the great work! But if not, we wanted to share our top 5 tips to help you get back on track:



  1. Be Realistic, then Go Public 
    Make sure you set a goal that will challenge, but not deter, you: e.g. “have salad for lunch 3 times a week” – not “only eat salad for the rest of my life”. It might also help to tell other people about it, they’ll hold you accountable.
  2. Plan Ahead
    Decide your resolution before NYE (or whatever your deadline start date is) – you want it to be well thought out, not just an impulse. Then plan how you’ll avoid temptation – e.g. have a training partner who will mean you can’t bail on the gym.
  3. Reward Yourself
    Celebrate your success by treating yourself to something you enjoy that doesn’t contradict your resolution. For example, if you’ve been sticking to your promise to eat better, reward yourself with new fitness clothing.
  4. Track Your Progress
    Keep track of each small success. It takes 21 days (some say 40) for a new habit to be formed so you need little motivators to help you get that far. Maybe tick off your calendar, or start a food/spending diary – anything that’ll motivate you to do it for that extra few days.
  5. Keep Trying
    Don’t worry if you’ve slipped so far, or run out of steam – just keep re-committing and reminding yourself why you started. Maybe even make a list of the ‘pro’s for your change and put it on your wall. Just take each day one at a time.


At Retired4Hire we give you the opportunity to take up a new profession for extra income, or life fulfilment. Maybe pick a new hobby today that you’d like to monetise and list yourself on there, or find someone who can teach you something new and search for them! 2015 could be your year for discovering a whole new side of yourself.Go for it! 

Chris, Hagen and Louise

Our First Newsletter – what is Retired 4 hire?

Dear #NAME#, welcome to the first ever Retired4Hire newsletter. We thought you’d like to be kept up to date with jobs and skills matching your profile, and updates on how Retired4Hire is growing. So, we’ve set up a newsletter, which will be popping into your inbox every month or two. Please see unsubscribe link in the footer if required. First of all, thanks for joining us by either listing your skills, or your job offers, we really appreciate your support.

The concept of Retired4Hire is to enable retired people who want to continue part time / freelance employment, helping you earn additional income, connect with your community, and maybe even try new skills. It’s something we’re really passionate about and think there’s a whole generation of skills going unappreciated and untapped. Hopefully Retired4Hire is the answer to that. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences so far, and any ways you think we could improve the service. We’ve already had loads of people sign up so far and been fortunate enough to be featured in the national paper Mature Times.

We’re keen to grow the community as quickly as possible to ensure you all get plenty of job offers, so please do recommend the site to your friends. We’d also recommend you adding a profile picture if you haven’t already, as it really increases your chances of being hired. Chris has made a quick explanatory video of what the site does which you might find amusing / informative:



Thanks again for the support, have a prosperous month!

Chris, Hagen and Louise